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About Legacy Quest Outdoors

About Legacy Quest Outdoors

Zac Guy founded Legacy Quest Outdoors with the simple quest to fuel the passion of every outdoor enthusiast, to involve their families in the outdoors and support their desire to live a rustic lifestyle. Legacy Quest Outdoors’ products incorporate the use of 100% FSC Certified reclaimed wood materials blended with metal and authentic natural products to create a lifestyle of warmth, authenticity and a reverence for America’s heritage-rich past. Legacy Quest Outdoors is committed to honoring the traditions of the past and the gathering of friends and family united in the pursuit of adventure.


The Furnishings collection of rustic lifestyle products by Legacy Quest Outdoors are crafted from nature and offer extraordinary colors and textures through an unparalleled selection of 100% FSC Certified reclaimed, recycled wood and metal materials. Furnishings is the authentic source for home products that showcase our deep love of conservation, respect for nature and the connection to a rustic outdoor lifestyle.

Legacy Quest Outdoors Furnishings identifies and inspires those who desire the simpler things in life while getting closer to nature. Every piece of Legacy Quest Outdoors Furnishings offer a piece of America’s heritage rich past complete with a Certificate of Authenticity that includes both the pictorial and written history of the structures past purpose. Uniquely designed to enhance everyday life, Legacy Quest Outdoors Furnishings promote Nature’s beauty with products that create the allure of a rustic lifestyle and complements any room, homestead, or rustic sanctuary’s decor.

“Our goal is to provide heirloom quality products that will be passed down from generation to generation,” says Zac Guy, President and Founder of Legacy Quest Outdoors. Driven by the passion of the outdoors and a desire to create a lifestyle that can be enjoyed for generations to come, Legacy Quest Outdoors Furnishings is the premier provider of outdoor lifestyle products. We believe that a person should be able to work in the outdoors, play in the outdoors, and provide for their family from the fruits of the outdoors...and that their children should also be given the opportunity to do the same one day. We believe you should “Pass It On”®.


Elements by Legacy Quest Outdoors are designed to empower the outdoor enthusiast who yearns for a rustic lifestyle. Chosen for their rugged qualities and characteristics, Elements offers a variety of material packages and rustic components designed to inspire an authentic, rugged, emotionally driven lifestyle. Elements is the authentic source for 100% FSC Certified reclaimed wood home décor products, building materials, and simple do-it-yourself wall décor systems designed to enhance everyday life.

Lower and Upper Wall Worx™ Systems are uniquely designed do-it-yourself rustic wall systems that embrace a piece of America’s heritage-rich past. Lower and Upper Wall Worx™ Systems incorporate BackwoodsBark™, Mushroom Board, and WeatherPlank™ Barnsiding with 4 distinct Mossy Oak® camouflage patterns, Infinity™, BreakUp®, Duck Blind®, and Treestand® into an affordable rustic decorating alternative. Each system comes with easy to follow video instructions, design ideas and photography of finished projects.

Branded with the iconic Mossy Oak symbol, every component of Elements is crafted to promote the natural surroundings that reinforce the allure of a rustic retreat or rustic sanctuary. Driven by the passion for the outdoors and a desire to create an authentic lifestyle, Elements provides every enthusiast an opportunity to turn their living environment into a rustic retreat that will rekindle the emotions of yesteryear and can be enjoyed for generations to come. It is time to bring the outside inside and to “Pass It On”.

Honoring the past while preparing for the future,

Zac Guy